Zeke the Elf with a special Christmas message for you

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Zeke the Elf (and cousin of one of our founders, Gerald ‘Zeke’ Strid) took a moment out of his busy holiday schedule to record a very special Christmas message for you…


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  1. Jim Turner  December 24, 2016

    This is THE GREATEST holiday message I have ever received !!!
    Great job Papa Zeke
    (But I thought elves didn’t age? And elves are little Something’s not right)
    Love the yellow tights and red curly hair!
    We would love for Zeke the Elf to come with Santa to our house tonight!!!
    Merry Christmas!!!

    • Paul Strid  December 25, 2016

      I’ll speak with Zeke the Elf and see what we can arrange. Missed this year but maybe next year he can join Santa…can you be sure to have extra cookies?


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