Valuables: What a World! Beating a Cruel Disease

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The world is a wonderful place. This quarter, our ‘What A World’ segment takes a look at the amazing advances in medicine to treat Alzheimer’s.

We are truly living in the most exciting time to be alive.

– Peter Diamandis

A Positive Focus

In our experience advising families, there is one trait that clearly stands out as critical to achieving a great quality of life and fulfillment, as well as leaving an important legacy for future generations. Families who are able to master the skill of Gratitude and a Positive Focus tend to be happier and enjoy a better quality of life, and also to extend their success and legacy over many generations.

Many of our client conversations are centered on the stock market and the economy, and the implications for the outlook for the future of the world. Very often, this leads to a discussion of all of the many problems the world currently faces, and everything that is wrong today in the world of politics, economics, and business. The daily gyrations of the stock market, combined with a healthy dose of media sensationalism, can cause us to become quite fixated on what isn’t working in the world. An alternative view is to take a Positive Focus, and consider all of the amazing things that are happening in the world today. Thanks to the internet, the world is literally bursting with communication, innovation, and world changing technology right before our eyes. We are living in an era which is unprecedented in the pace of positive change sparked by technology.

Beating a Cruel Disease

In this month’s edition of Valuables, we would like to explore a wonderful advance being made in the field of health care.

By now most of us have seen or heard about the health care challenges the world will face as the incredible explosion of Baby Boomers age well into their 60’s and 70’s. Combine the demographics with the fact that life expectancies are getting longer and longer, and it becomes clear that millions of people will be living healthy well into their 90’s. One of the huge challenges we face is the fact that many of these people will live for a long time with healthy bodies, but will also be stricken with the cruel brain disease known as Alzheimer’s.

Enter the amazing advances going on in medicine, and hopefully we will see a day when this terrible disease is cured for all. Please enjoy reading about some of the amazing advances being made here:

Incredible ‘Living’ Alzheimer’s Implant Clears Mouse Brains of Toxic Junk

Alzheimer’s Vaccine? Researchers Say it’s Possible Within 5 Years


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