The Empowered Values Process

Our approach is designed to Empower you and your Family to create a financial strategy, using your Core Values as the cornerstone of your plan. We help you to identify a set of financial life goals which are important to you, and then execute a written financial strategy to achieve those goals with a minimum of risk, so that you can achieve the things that are most important to you.
Empowered Value Process

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Stage 1

The Financial Roadmap

Our process of building a roadmap begins with three vital conversations. The first helps us understand what’s important to you and clarifies your core values—the basic principles to guide every financial decision you make. With values clearly marked, we turn to goals. Securing a comfortable retirement. Supporting charitable organizations. Leaving a legacy for your heirs. They’re all important, but they can sometimes conflict and require creative thinking. We can help prioritize your goals and understand the tradeoffs between each. No roadmap is free of obstacles, which is why we educate you on the risks all investors face. What factors threaten goal achievement and how do we manage them? We can’t make risk disappear, but we can identify risk, and build a plan to try and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Stage 2

The Total Organization Solution

With the roadmap laid out, we turn to the details. We gather and organize all of the data required to develop your plan. But it’s not just data and forms—we’re building a framework for making financial decisions based on your family’s unique needs and situation.

Stage 3

The Total Asset Game Plan

With everything in place, we can begin building your custom investment plan. We understand that your plan cannot be confined to the assets we manage for you. To simplify your life—so you can always see the big picture—the plan should be comprehensive.  Our written financial strategy provides a blueprint for the management of all of your complex financial affairs. We also believe in backup plans. Rather than heading down one road prematurely, we will explore several possible strategies for you. Using our proprietary Future Vision Advantage analysis allows us to monitor the path toward your goals. As your circumstances evolve, or as the markets change, we can adjust your Future Vision Advantage plan to better understand the understand the risks those changes represent.

Stage 4

The Implementation Driver

Once your plan is written, you will now have a specific list of actions to execute to implement your plan and take action. We become your partner and “Concierge” in helping you to execute and implement all of the recommended actions from your custom investment plan. As best we can, we take the hassle out of the implementation of these items, as we do as much of the “legwork” for you as possible. In implementing this plan, it is important to understand that our obligation to you is to always act in your best interest. We operate as your fiduciary, not a sales person, and in that capacity your best interests are always at the forefront of every decision we make and action we implement.

WealthTrack Advantage

At this point, your plan is complete, but our work is not—we’re just getting started. With your financial affairs simplified, you can now go about the business of living your life—because we’re supporting you every step of the way. As your CFO, we’ll monitor the markets, track progress towards your goals, and adjust your plan as necessary.

Part of that adjustment involves our investment philosophy and process. We will actively manage your portfolio, using robust research capabilities. We are not just a “buy-and-hold” manager. Instead, we employ a dynamic strategy to adjust your investments in response to market uncertainty and volatility.

Monitoring your plan over time is a mutual partnership. We will meet with you quarterly—more often if necessary—to make sure you stay on track. Life is not static and neither is a good investment plan. We’ll revisit your goals, review your Future Vision Advantage profile and make adjustments as necessary. Above all, we listen. The Milestones Meetings are your opportunity to tell us what’s going on in your life and how we can help.