The Benefits of an Independent Advisor

The Triangulation of Advice

Because of their size and scale, larger firms have been particularly adept at delivering this model. But in our experience, the drawback is that their corporate policies and mandates often restrict your ability to fully access everything the financial world has to offer.

Triangulation of Advice

Our independence changes this dynamic by de-linking services from any single institution, embracing a client-focused model we call “The Triangulation of Advice.” As a result, you can expect:

  1. Objective advice: We provide advice that is 100% objective, transparent and free from outside influence. In fact, as your agent and fiduciary, we are legally bound to provide this to you, placing your interests above all else.
  1. Independent custody: We selected Charles Schwab to serve as custodian for your assets. This selection was made on a completely objective basis—we have no affiliation or commitment to Charles Schwab. As of now, we believe they are the best firm for the job. Should they stop being so, we will find another custodian to serve you.
  1. Greatly expanded products and services: We have a strategic partnership with Dynasty Financial Partners, allowing us to freely access some of the industry’s leading products and services. Instead of being captive to one firm, your family will now become “a client of Wall Street” as we seek the optimum solutions for your comprehensive planning needs and most important goals: from trading platforms to investment products, lending services, life insurance, estate planning and much more.