Our Process

When did life become so complicated? And busy. Today you may have a family, a career, a business—or all three. If you’re not working late at the office, you rush out to a charitable board meeting or the retirement reception of a colleague. Some nights it seems you’re home just in time for the late news.

Are your finances as complicated as the rest of your life? IRAs. 401(k) plans. Annuities. Brokerage accounts. Insurance. Real Estate. Mortgages. Family trust. Business assets. Maybe you have an old savings plan sitting unattended with a previous employer. Or stock certificates stuffed in a folder somewhere.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could bring clarity to all of that—meld all the pieces into a plan, an investment strategy, a vision of where you’re going?

You may have promised yourself to do something about this, but it’s easy to put off. Don’t put it off any longer. Think about the benefits of delegating the management to someone you can trust and who understands your values. Someone who can help you identify and achieve your goals.

Someone who can be your Personal CFO.

Welcome to Concentus Wealth Advisors

Working as your family’s Personal CFO is what we do.
The CFO is a strategic component of a business—helping the CEO to carry out the organization’s vision, developing investment plans and identifying and mitigating risks. As your Personal CFO, we help you articulate a vision, develop an investment plan to bring it to life, and moderate risks along the way.

As a family-based team of advisors, Concentus Wealth Advisors has extensive experience helping clients achieve their financial goals. But our value reaches beyond goals and plans. We prefer words like “aspire,” “confidence,” and “clarity.”

Our clients aspire to something more than just accumulating assets. They build plans based on their values, as well as their goals. They know what they want from their assets because they know what they want from life.

A values-goals alignment breeds confidence that the plan is a reflection of your values, your vision, and your determination to make it a reality.

Our Philosophy about Money


The challenge is to bring clarity to all of it. That’s where we come in. All of us need a CFO, a consultant, a coach, to bring structure to our lives. At Concentus Wealth Advisors, we have developed a process for understanding your values, identifying goals, and building a financial roadmap that will guide every step you take.

Clarity Achieved

It’s difficult to put into words the impact of our process on clients. Time and again they tell us how the new-found clarity and vision changed their lives. The experience of aligning goals with values, creating a comprehensive investment plan and monitoring its progress can be inspirational. Are you ready to be inspired?

We’d like to have the opportunity to help bring clarity to your financial life. Let’s schedule a meeting to explore whether Concentus Wealth Advisors is a good fit for you, your family, and your values.