Empowered Values

Empowered Values discusses how families should build a wealth strategy consistent with their family’s core values. It explores ways to prepare for major financial decisions and creates a needed process for the family to make important multi-generational decisions involving real estate, inheritances and family businesses.

“In my career, I have worked with families dedicated to building businesses, raising families, shaping communities and creating lasting, meaningful legacies. This book is designed with the mission to help these families manage the complexity and responsibility of their wealth.”

–  Erik Strid, Principal of Concentus Wealth Advisors

On the surface, this is a book about Money.  However, in the grand scheme, money is not that important.  Financial wealth is not intrinsically valuable, but only has value to the extent that you use it to live a meaningful and significant life, and to enjoy what is most important to you.

According to Shirl Penney, President and CEO of Dynasty Financial Partners, “Erik has built a remarkably successful family-based business with a deep connection to his community.  In his book, he taps that experience working with families around major financial decisions and, as a result, his insights are highly valued for their objective and honest perspective about family wealth issues, challenges and opportunities.”


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Empowered Values

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The VALUABLES Collection
VALUABLES is a periodic article series focused on the concepts, systems, and habits which we have observed among families who have been successful in this quest to use their wealth as a tool to live a life of significance. The most successful families share a set of habits, systems, and insights which enable them to use their wealth as a tool to fulfill their Values and what is most important to them. You can download our articles by visiting our Featured Articles section.

Vol. I     –   A Life of Significance
Vol. II    –   Scarcity vs Abundance
Vol. III   –   The Journey to Self-Actualization
Vol. IV    –   What You Pass On
Vol. V     –   Family Legacies
Vol. VI    –   The Rockefeller Rules
Vol. VII   –   Practicing Gratitude
Vol. VIII  –   Time is the Stuff that Life is Made of
Vol. IX    –   The Greatest Gifts
Vol. X     –   The Happy Secret to a Better Life
Vol. XI    –   Seeing the Elephant
Vol. XII   –   Prosperity
Vol. XIII  –   Family Gatherings
Vol. XIV   –   A Legacy of Significance
Vol. XV    –   Keeping Busy
Vol. XVI   –   The Family Bank – A “Sound” Idea
Vol. XVII  –   The Freedom Matrix
Vol. XVIII –   The Elephant and the Wise Man
Vol. XVIV –  The Rinehart Paradox
Vol. XX    –   5 Golden…Opportunities
Vol. XXI – Merry, Merry!