Should you Hire a Financial Advisor? Depends on your Mindset.

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“As a society, we don’t understand relationship skills. Yet everything is at stake in people’s relationships. Mindset adds another dimension. It can help us understand even more about why some people are able to build lasting and satisfying relationships.”

– Carol Dweck, from the book “Mindset”

Carol Dweck is a researcher, educator and author of a marvelous book called Mindset, in which she discusses the importance of how we look at the world when it comes to success and achievement. In particular, the book discusses the important role mindset plays in the success or failure of relationships. Dweck makes the point that the very best, happiest and most productive relationships are based on the foundation of a similar mindset, in which two or more people have the same way of looking at the world, and what is most important.
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