A Three-Part Interactive Web series

Raising children in Affluent Families: How to help them Flourish.


After many years of advising wealthy families, we have become absolutely convinced that one of the biggest dangers is that money can be poison to the successful development of children and families. It is such an important issue, that we have made a significant effort to make this a key focus in our work with clients.

We are really excited to announce a new program we have been working on with Dr. Richard Orlando, to help you better address this challenge in your own family. Along with Richard, we sat down and mapped out everything we have learned over many years working directly with families, and developed an educational program to share this knowledge. Most importantly, we will not only be sharing our conceptual knowledge about this topic, but we will be teaching the actual practical tips, strategies and habits we have seen work for families in the real world.

Registration is now closed. If you would like more information on this topic and how you can learn more, please contact us.


What you’ll get:

  • Exclusive access to three interactive webinar teleconference sessions. Each session will consist in part of Richard sharing his extensive knowledge from 20 years of experience, and discussing actual case studies he has witnessed, but also we will roll up our sleeves and conduct some interactive exercises and share practical tips, so that you will walk away with a concrete road map of what you can actually do in your own family to better develop these habits in your kids.
  • A free copy of Richard’s book LEGACY: The Hidden Keys to Optimizing Your Family Wealth Decisions. If there is anything at all that we forget to cover in the webinars, I promise you it is in the book! This book is a complete and total exploration of the importance of placing your Values at the forefront of your wealth planning decisions, and how to teach and transfer those values to your kids.
  • Live Q&A session with Dr. Orlando. Any time I sign up for a valuable educational program like this, I always end up thinking of a million questions AFTER I have already attended the program, when it is too late to ask. At the end of our program, when we will spend an hour or so doing nothing but entertaining your questions, and sharing the best practical advice we can.

(Each Webinar will be approx. 60 minutes. Recorded Video/Audio Replays will be made available)