“Concentus” is Latin for harmony, agreement and concord. At Concentus Wealth Advisors, our mission is to promote harmony in all aspects of life for the families we serve. We do this by delivering independent, integrated and comprehensive wealth management advice and planning solutions, cultivating and preserving all assets that comprise your family’s Genuine Wealth:

Financial Capital—The tangible assets that appear on your personal balance sheet, including investments, real estate, business interests, and more.

Human Capital—The irreplaceable family relationships, personal values and ethics that define your life.

Intellectual Capital—The professional knowledge, educational background, and interpersonal networks you rely upon to further augment your wealth.

Social Capital—The connections to community, causes and social missions that you rely on to influence the world for the better.

Our clients are notable for creating and accumulating wealth. They’re dedicated to building businesses, raising families, shaping communities and creating lasting, meaningful legacies. The complexity of each of these tasks alone requires considerable energy. When combined, they leave little time for anything else.

This is where we come in. As stewards of your most important assets, we provide the clarity and trusted advice you need to make confident decisions about all aspects of your wealth. Decisions that allow your family to share in the benefits and responsibilities of wealth, with greater harmony for all.