Our History


Who We Are


After spending years refining their craft at premier Wall Street firms, Gerald, Erik and Paul Strid founded Concentus Wealth Advisors, a private boutique wealth management firm. They came to the conclusion that the best way to maximize transparency, and eliminate conflicts of interest was to start their own independent firm to manage their family’s wealth, along with the wealth of a select group of successful clients.

Concentus Wealth Advisors is built to deliver a truly client centered advisory experience, with a culture grounded in a fierce and unwavering commitment to acting as a fiduciary for client families, so that they can achieve their goals and fulfill their family’s core values.

2017 – June: Named to the 2017 Financial Times 300 Top Registered Investment Advisers
2016 – June: Named to the 2016 Financial Times 300 Top Registered Investment Advisers
2014 – November: Bryan Dalesandro joins Team (from CMS Companies).
2014 – September: Erik Strid publishes 1st book, Empowered Values.
2014 – February: Team leaves Wells Fargo Advisors to form Concentus Wealth Advisors, an Independent Investment Advisory firm.
2013 – February: Donna McNally joins Team.
2010 – April: Thomas Greco joins Team (from Turner Investment Advisors).
2009 – October: Tracy Hudash joins Team (from working at Boenning & Scattergood).
2008 – December: Gerald Strid inducted into Research magazine’s Advisor Hall of Fame.
2008 – July: Nathan Hayward joins Team (from Kessler Baker Wealth Management).
2003 – March: Gerald and Erik Strid move from Merrill Lynch to Wells Fargo Advisors (formerly Wachovia Securities) to start The Strid Wealth Management Group. Paul Strid leaves Credit Suisse to join them.
1993 – July: Erik Strid joins Gerald at Merrill Lynch, leaving Rittenhouse Capital Management. At Merrill, they form G.D. Strid and Associates.
1984 – August: Gerald Strid leaves Paine Webber to join Merrill Lynch

Prior to joining Merrill Lynch in 1984, Gerald started in the business in 1970; working with a number of Philadelphia brokerage firms: Paine Webber, Shearson Loeb Rhoades Inc., Loeb Partners, Babbit, Myers & Company, Inc., Elkins & Co., Diversified Equities Inc.