The Concentus Family Network

About the Network
Successful families understand that no success is achieved alone, but that our greatest accomplishments are only achieved in harmony with mutually beneficial relationships with people we trust and respect.  Life’s best learning, opportunities, experiences and relationships arise out of the shared peer experiences which can be captured through a harmonious network.

The Concentus Family Network is an elite peer to peer investing and learning network for high net worth families. Members are entrepreneurs and C-level executives who share a common set of Values, and a relationship of trust.

  • Like minded values
  • A commitment to Family and to Philanthropy
  • High net worth and high income levels
  • Positioned to enjoy unique access to private investment opportunities
  • Seek the most advanced family wealth management solutions

The purpose of the network is to help improve member’s investment acumen and access to unique investment opportunities through sharing investment opportunities, as well as addressing common issues of wealth preservation, estate planning, and philanthropy. The power of the network provides members with the following primary benefits:

  • Our members are often exposed to unique and compelling private investment opportunities, and the Network provides a powerful resource for sharing these opportunities among the group, and for sourcing, evaluating, negotiating, and implementing private investment transactions as a group.
  • Because of the success and accomplishment of our members, most have built impressive personal networks. As members develop a relationship of trust and camaraderie, they may benefit from the ability to access each other’s networks, as well as help others in the group with valued connections.
  • Network gatherings provide an opportunity for confidential sharing and discussion of shared challenges, as well as experienced advice. Our meetings provide a platform for sharing best practices among a trusted peer group, as well as sharing resources in areas of collective interest.
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If you do not know your Access Code, please contact us.