Capture Your Life. Preserve Your Legacy.

Introducing LegacyTrak…
Everything that matters, all in one place.

With our LegacyTrak platform, you can capture the memories you have and protect the legacy you want to leave behind—ensuring a deeper, more personal catalog for your family.

LegacyTrak is a secure online portal with a simple, user-friendly interface that helps you document, preserve and share your family’s legacy–ensuring a smooth handover of both tangible and intangible assets from one generation to the next.

LegacyTrak enables you to create, protect and share–using video, audio or text–everything from family stories and traditions to retirement and life planning.

Connect with the Next Generation
Did you ever wish you recorded your parents and grandparents telling their stories? Do you want your life to be known to your grandchildren’s kids?


Try it out for yourself. For a demo, visit LegacyTrak in our Private Client Login section and login with the following…

User Name:
Password: legacytrak

Why do we use LegacyTrak? Watch or Read Erik tell his story.


Sharing family stories is important. Leading studies have shown that family values and life lessons are what people most want to share with future generations.

What if there was somewhere you could store all of these stories? What if you could ask your family to share their stories and store them too?
With LegacyTrak you can capture your stories to build a rich and powerful legacy.

Legacy Creator
Through video, audio or text, you can build a library of messages that can be shared with family and friends. You can:

  • Explore a comprehensive guide with hundreds of in-depth questions developed by health and psychology experts.
  • Create your own topics and invite family and friends to share.

Planning for the “What if?”
Life is unpredictable. Does your family know how to handle your affairs if something were to happen to you?
What if your family doesn’t have what they need at their fingertips? With LegacyTrak, you can upload key documents and designate who has access to them.

Secure Digital Vault
Privacy is our priority. We use the latest in security and encryption technologies to protect your content.

  • Secure storage of all digital content including videos, documents & photos.
  • Easy-to-use interface for organizing, searching and retrieving content.